Ashley Robyn Photography | A Redo

When I found out that my husband and I were expecting a sweet baby girl, I began to wonder if I would be able to continue with my photography business the way it had been going. I was booking between one and three weddings a month with more inquiries coming in. How do you plan your life a year in advance when you have no idea what the ride you are about to get on looks like?

Knowing that I was going to need a grace period to adjust to being a mom, I decided to hang up my photographer hat so that I could focus my energy solely on raising this beautiful baby girl that we had been blessed with. A passion is not easily forgotten about so I took pictures every now and then if people asked but I knew that I couldn't continue with the amount of bookings I was doing.

Yet as Adi continued to grow, I found myself missing my photography more and more. Our poor girl has probably posed for more pictures than most babies ever have in a lifetime. I never considered myself a children photographer just because they are truly unpredictable. You never know if they are going to cooperate or hate you all session long. But the unpredictable pictures always end up being my favorite, especially now that I can see the importance of having pictures along the journey of watching your children grow up.

So fast forward 8 months and here we are. Beginning again. It feels as though I am starting from scratch and in a lot of ways I am. New gear, a new logo, new website. Lots of great things in store for the upcoming months and for Ashley Robyn Photography. I can feel it.

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